RiACQUIRE covers a wide variety of tasks present in RIEGL's mobile and airborne laser scanning systems. Both, mobile and airborne systems comprise at least one laser scanner, a position and attitude measurement system, and an operator's work station. Many systems further comprise camera sub-systems, additional laser scanners, mass data storage devices, and mechanical subassemblies.


RIEGL Airborne Laser Scanners with full waveform capability digitize the waveform of the echo signal for every emitted laser pulse.


For smooth processing of scan data acquired with RIEGL Hydrography Laser Scanners the Airborne Data Processing Software AddOn RiHYDRO is offered as supplement to RiPROCESS.


RiMINING is designed to optimize and simplify scan data processing in open-pit mining. The focus of the software design is on workflow simplification and automation. For advanced data-processing full compatibility with RiSCAN PRO is provided.


Acquiring data in airborne laser scanning with high measurement rates from high altitudes frequently results in range ambiguities. Instruments with multiple-time-around capability (MTA) like the LMS-Q780 or the VQ-580 provide data that can be utilized to resolve these ambiguities in post-processing. Instead of manually specifying the correct MTA zone for range calculation, RiMTA ALS will detect the correct MTA zone for each measurement automatically.


Designed for assisting the operators of Airborne Laser Scanner (ALS) systems to find a consistent and valid parameter set for data acquisition


RiPRECISION automatically performs adjustments of GNSS/INS trajectories to merge overlapping mobile scan data. It further allows the scan data to be fitted to given control objects. This results in a consistent point cloud of enhanced precision and increased georeferencing accuracy.


RiPROCESS is designed for managing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data acquired with airborne laser scanning systems (ALS systems) and mobile laser scanning systems (MLS systems) based on RIEGL Laser Scanners. Data export in geodetic systems is supported by the GeoSys Manager.


RiSCAN PRO is RIEGL’s solution for processing VZ-Line Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data. With advanced features for point cloud optimization, such as batch registration, 3D bundle adjustment, intelligent filtering tools, data merging and high-performance 3D visualization capabilities, RiSCAN PRO provides a fully integrated solution for producing accurate and refined TLS point cloud data.


RiVLib is the well documented platform independent software library for control of and data retrieval from RIEGL's V-Line scanners. RIEGL V-Line scanners stream measurement data utilizing the versatile RXP format. RiVLib facilitates easy and full transparent access to this compressible data stream.

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