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Introducing ZEB-CAM, the optional add-on video camera for the ZEB-REVO. ZEB-CAM adds contextual video and imagery to your 3D scan data to aid feature identification. Simply attach ZEB-CAM to the underside of your standard REVO and begin scanning. ZEB-CAM captures live video footage of your survey environment as you walk and scan. Optical flow technology is utilised to accurately synchronise the video and scan data together in GeoSLAM's Desktop software.


Integrates seamlessly with existing ZEB-REVO hardware

ZEB-CAM adds contextual imagery to your scan data, making feature extraction simpler than ever

Optical flow technology allows accurate synchronisation of acquired imagery and point cloud data

What It Does

ZEB-CAM is the new add-on option for the ZEB-REVO that adds contextual imagery to your scan data, and is available for both new and existing REVO customers.

Using GeoSLAM Desktop local processing engine, contextual visual images can be viewed alongside 2D floorplans extracted directly from the scan data.

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